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Summary - Here’s How It Works

  • The Corporate Client pre-purchases HRD Press DISCstyles Online Assessments at a discount

  • When an employee receives the email invitation from the Corporate Client, the employee clicks onto a link that takes him/her to the HRD Press DISCstyles Online Assessment page where they complete the assessment and fill in a registration form. 

  • The Administrator controls the viewing access of the HRD Press DISCstyles Online Reports and eGraphs. If the reports and eGraphs will be discussed in a seminar or consulting session, viewing access may be blocked until after that event. The Administrator may elect to have the member view their report immediately after completing the assessment. The choice is yours.

  • Each employee who completes the assessment will automatically get their own "homepage" which allows them access to their HRD Press DISCstyles Online Report, self and observer eGraph results and information on Using DISCstyles with other people.

Online Assessments
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