In order to receive the full benefit and functionality of Online Assessments, please keep in mind the following system requirements and characteristics:


Macintosh Internet Access and Email Accounts
You will need Internet access to use Online Assessments. To administer Online Assessments from Associate and organization admin sites, you will need a valid email account. Each end user and observer must also have a unique email address. Two or more end users or observers cannot share the same email address. 

Online Assessments should be viewed on Netscape Navigator version 6.2.3 or later or Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.0 or later or Safari 1.0 or later.  Using an earlier browser version will not display and process the contents of Online Assessments correctly.

Lifting of Access Restrictions (by firewalls, proxy servers, email servers, browser security settings, etc.)

Third Party Software Accept Cookies
In order for Online Assessments to function properly, your browser must accept cookies. For instructions on setting your browser to accept cookies, please refer to your browser's help section.

Back Button
Avoid using your browser's BACK button to navigate to a previous page. This can disrupt certain processing functions, such as when purchasing Online Assessments. Functional pages are provided with their own BACK buttons. Use these instead

Session Time
For security purposes, Online Assessments is designed to time out after about 15 minutes of inactivity. After this time your Online Assessments session will end. To restart your session, you will be required to log in again.